E-Commerce Integration

Grow your business online by accepting orders, and payment automatically through your website.  It sounds easy, but there are many questions to consider when you explore this option.  How is your shipping going to work?  How does your current inventory system integrate with your store inventory system?  How do you entice people to shop on your website, over the hundreds or thousands of your competitors websites online?  With 15 years of experience, North Country has been working our clients through those questions and more.  

No matter what your online store will look like, there are some solid foundations that North Country builds your website on.  They include:  Dependable Shopping Carts, Peace of Mind Security, Efficient Payment Gateways, and a solid Internet Marketing plan.


Award Winning Shopping Cart, X-Cart has been our first choice shopping cart when building e-commerce websites for our clients.  It is fully customizable, developer supported, and overall the most full-featured shopping cart we've come across.  X-cart allows for about 100 compatible payment gateways to accept money for your products & services automatically through your website.  We recommend using PayLeap which is fully compatible with our X-Cart website.  All payments are accepted through our secure socket layer (SSL) pages, for extra peace of mind.

Regardless of what your product is, big or small, we have the experience to work with you and ask the right questions to end up with the best e-commerce website for your business.  You imagine it.  We take care of the details.

E-Commerce Examples
For examples of our shopping cart sites check out: