Website Development Services

How do we build your website?

Our websites are custom-designed to best suit your specific needs. Projects we are involved with, include basic services, along with a particular mix of services that is unique to you. How is this mix determined? By sitting down with us and developing a clear strategy that works for you!

These basic services include: domain registration; website hosting; website design; and website maintenance.

Domain Registration is the actual registering of your desired website address, (, at a cost of $30 / two years. We take care of this service for you by registering the website legally in your name on your behalf.

Website Hosting is providing the capacity to display your website online. This includes having email addresses directly at your site, along with plenty of space and bandwidth for people to view your website locally and globally. Also included are advanced statistics so that you know how many people are coming each day, each week, each month, and how many visits are unique or repeat visits. The statistics will also show you how the viewers are finding you, for example, if it is search engines, along with what words were used in the search engines or linked from other web sites. This service costs $15 / month. More information on website hosting can be found here.

Website Design is the bulk of the cost, as it is the actual building of the website. A typical 5 page website takes about 18 hours to build, smaller websites can take as few as 8 hours, while larger websites can take over 100 hours to build. The overall required time frame to build your website varies based on your individual wants and needs to make your website stand out. Our rate is $50 / hour.

Website Maintenance is making changes to the website as you request them. Typically we have a minimum of a half hour billing time, but generally, changing a few pictures or some of the text on the page takes an hour or two. Individual quotes can be provided on any changes required to your website. Our rate is $50 / hour.

E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Online Marketing Plan services are also provided by North Country Websites, Inc.

We represent your business image online, and bring the world to your website. We start by building you a professional website with accurate information on your product & service. We offer you internet marketing packages to bring traffic to your website. We provide you with this service in a professional and user friendly way. You imagine it. We take care of the details.